View Private Instagram Profiles: See hidden photos Of Insta Accounts

Are you an active Instagram user? If you are, you must agree that you have had the urge to view a profile without following it.

This has happened to each one of us using Insta, which at least once we wanted to view private pictures of Private Instagram account. There are many users on Insta that have enabled the privacy policy and have a Restricted profile. It is a known fact that the private account holders share the Users’ pictures only with the allowed followers.

This restricts the other users from viewing their User’s pictures, stories, reels, and other activities in general. It is usual practice if the account user is new to IG or unsure whether to allow the public intrusion on Social media.

Contrasting to this, there are active public accounts or business accounts that have a clear intention to increase the reach and followers of the account. This account allows every IG user to view Users’ pictures, stories, reels, hashtags they use, etc. We have definitely come across such public accounts of celebrities, sportspersons, influencers, or our friends.

The real obstacle arises when one wants to use the assets and features of viewing public accounts, but the account holder has enabled the privacy policy. In this case, this article will be a real lifesaver to you and end all your dilemmas and queries related to viewing someone’s private IG account.

View Private Instagram Accounts

The following methods are some of the most common practices followed by many users access the activities, pictures, stories, and reels of private Insta accounts.

Send User/Users a Follow Reques

This is the easiest and most common practice to view a private account. If the account holder is in your acquaintance, there are very high chances that the person/ user account holder accepts your request.

However, if you are a random curious user wanting to view their pictures and other activities, well, then you need to hope that the User is generous enough to accept your request. Or eventually, wait for your luck to work for you.

Otherwise, you can also message the User to introduce yourself and request to accept the sent follow request. This might get you the required attention from the users and make the process easier and quicker.

Make a Bogus Instagram Account

If the previous method doesn’t work for you, you can go on with this. This involves creating a fake account and follow the same technique mentioned in the last process. However, it is not encouraged to create a fake or bogus account to sneak into other persons’ feeds and activities. It is an unethical practice and might put you in serious problems if you are up to some mischief.

Some tricks and tips might work to grab desired attention of the private account user:

  • You are more likely to achieve the desired if you put up a fake female account.
  • You can keep your post more recent and in accordance with the latest trends ongoing on Social media.
  • Put up the Hashtags, which might make you look authentic.
  • You can also keep your account private. This trick would raise more curiosity for the other person to know more about you and increases your chance of getting the request accepted.
  • Try sending personal messages to the person.

Try a Quick Google Search With Targeted Instagram Username (View Private Pictures)

You can go on and search for the account holder’s username in the google search engine. Hopefully, if the last two methods don’t bring you the desired results, the google search results might.

This is a not more likely method to work and highly depends on the data being spilled sometimes by any means.

It is more preferred that you get the correct username of the private account to find them on google. So, log in to your account and copy-paste the exact username into the google search box. Next, press enter button and sit back until google does its work.

As mentioned earlier, it might not work in all cases. But if, by some means, the private user account holder has some data traces in the digital world before putting the private policy restriction, it might work for yo

Using Tool/Apps like Instagram viewer

If you do not find the desired result on a google search, you can use this method. Many such tools are available today in the online market that helps you look into a private account. There are several such services that allow you to sneak into it, but you must be very careful before using it. Being cautious is a must as they sometimes require your credit information along with the password.

There have been many cases in which such websites or tools have injected viruses and malware into the system. So in the quest to get some user’s private information, you might end up exposing your information on the network or device. The common approach is to fill in your username and chose to view or download the pictures. Fill in your personal info prior to giving you access to the desired private account info.

Final Words

Instagram today is undoubtedly the most popular social media platform to explore all new things and meet new people. Along with the great user base, it takes care of the privacy policies.

The APIs strictly follow these as well to ensure absolutely no data breaches. In spite of that, you can try the methods mentioned above. But it is always advised to follow an ethical means to do so and stay away from unnecessary malpractices.

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